AI Usage Policy

Posted on April 11, 2022 (Last modified on March 18, 2023) 2 min read  • 222 words


When submitting content using AI-generated materials including illustrations, I will follow the following rules:

  • Do not post the generated image itself without editing, and do not delete files used for editing (such as `.clip’ files).
  • Layers used for editing will not be merged unless the work does not interfere with or is necessary for editing, so that the pre-editing state can be restored later.
  • Prompts and negative prompts should be at least 30 words in length (usually a prompt is 60 words and a negative prompt is at least 30 words). In other words, I do not generate images with short prompts like 1girl, standing.
  • When using img2img (i2i), I also submit images for input and do not use images for input unless you created them from your own drafts.
  • Save settings/prompts for images that I decide to post so that they can be reproduced
  • When submitting, I always add one of the tags “AI generated” or “ai_generated_art
  • No use of copyrighted characters or specific author-specific LoRAs and ControlNet

This is not a rule that I enforce on others, but only one that I want to follow myself. My work should be posted to the following page.

If you find any problems with my work, please contact us via DM on twitter, pixiv or etc.


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